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Update! Thanks Jupiter for writing this nice thing about the game 😊 Free Games of the Fortnight — Animals, trees, and balloons - Jupiter Hadley

"Charming", "The Carrier Dodo Company is a joyous game that made me smile", "the stories these two come up with are pure comedy"

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Created at The Skiff in Brighton by @claraalder and @ghostfibre for GlobalGameJam2018, the theme was "transmission"


It is your first day as a trainee Post-Dodo, working at The Carrier Dodo Company. It is, for some reason, less popular than Hiddletims Elite Carrier Pigeon Service; but I am sure you are excited to be part of the team, and you look very smart.

Your first (and only) assignment is to collect mail from the postboxes, and deliver them to the houses indicated by the arrow.

Yours faithfully,

Chief Operating Officer (COO)"



Waddle around and jump using the arrow buttons on your keyboard. Press the spacebar to 'tube travel' once you've unlocked it. Press any button to start the game once the start screen is up.


Our best,  most up to date version is v6 - we recommend you download and play this version!  The highest-upnon-installer exe file (recommended version!)  should work fine, but if it does not, please try the installer version.

We have also included older versions of the game, like  V4; which was the version we submitted at the end of the gamejam.

Works on Windows only right now, sorry. :(


IndieDodo-v6.exe 6 MB
IndieDodo-v6-installer.exe 7 MB
IndieDodoV4 - gamejam edition.exe 7 MB